Brewers’ Ambition 2022

Brewers’ Ambition 2022

The ambition of The Brewers of Europe is to seek to ensure that in 2022, ingredients and energy information should figure on the label of all pre-pack beer containers provided to consumers in the EU, in conformity with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.

The baseline is the present situation: 85% of beer pre-pack containers label ingredients and 60% label energy values.

Within twelve months of the entering into force of the Memorandum of Understanding on listing ingredients and nutrition information for alcoholic beverages, The Brewers of Europe intends to reach the following new target: 90% of beer pre-pack containers should label ingredients and 70% should label energy values.

The Brewers of Europe will continue to support implementation by the brewing sector and report on the overall volumes in the beer market labelling this information and the percentage this represents of the overall pre-pack beer market. Implementation results, in the form of aggregated data, will be made available and published on the website, accompanied as and where appropriate by further examples and details around implementation.

Beyond 2020, targets for the following years will be set in accordance with article 12 of the Memorandum of Understanding.



Beer labelling implementation examples