AB InBev

At AB InBev, as the world’s leading brewer, we believe we have a responsibility to encourage our consumers to enjoy our beers in a smart way.

  • Implementing Consumer information on beers sold in Europe is part of our ambition to empower consumers to make smart drinking decisions.
    Since 2015, we have been including full ingredient information and nutritional values in our beers, on label and online, in a phased approach with a focus on the biggest brands first.
  • We are proud that the brewers have been recognised by the public health community for their relentless (joint) efforts to make this happen. We are therefore honoured to be signing this Memorandum of Understanding with our peers, through The Brewers of Europe.
  • With thousands of SKU’s across dozens of markets in Europe, we have setup a PMO structure and project SteerCo across different departments within AB InBev to make our labelling commitment reality. We provided a guideline book on how to implement. The PMO brings together managers and experts across our pack change, corporate affairs, scientific, marketing, legal, procurement, sales and supply teams.
  • To track progress we have set-up a bespoke online database that indicates compliance per market, per brand and per SKU.
  • We have applied this labelling commitment in all our markets in Europe, and we have achieved between 70 and 98% implementation in our key markets, reaching 98% in Belgium, 95% in Netherlands and 93% in Germany. For instance, 100% of all of Jupiler SKUs sold in Belgium are aligned with our labelling commitment, as are all Budweisers sold in the UK.