Asahi Breweries Europe Group produces around 33 million hectolitres of beer each year, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

  • The company began implementation in 2015 and, since 2016, provides ingredients and a full nutritional declaration of all beers in their portfolio through a dedicated website and its local language versions across all markets where they operate. A link to the local website has been placed on packs to provide easy access to consumers.
  • In addition, Asahi Breweries Europe Group is committed to putting a list of ingredients and calorie information on all cans or bottles by the end of 2019, wherever it does not cause information overload and over-crowded, illegible labels.
  • Currently, 85% of labels in their portfolio display this information, while in some of the markets, ingredients and calories have already been listed on every can or bottle sold.
  • On top of this, Asahi Breweries Europe Group provides full nutritional information, including the Big 7 nutrients, on the secondary packaging – plastic shrinks or carton boxes – across all brands and all markets.