Carlsberg has around 140 brands globally and decided to roll out the commitment across its entire portfolio when the ExCom agreed to this commitment in May 2015.

  • As part of a joint brewers’ commitment to increase transparency about the ingredients and nutritional values of beer, Carlsberg started to provide information about the ingredients and nutritional values of its beers across all its Western European markets.
  • Key actions to implement this were:
    • A regional online training across all relevant marketing and production functions, covering approximately 650 people
    • Integration of the two elements into its standard design packaging template and an automated verification system put in place together with our artwork suppliers
    • Tracking progress through the quarterly sustainability reporting systems
    • Additional Verification via the quality audit system
    • By end 2018, implementation of ingredients labelling was already at 86%, working towards 90% around mid-2019
  • Energy labelling implementation is even higher, at 92% by end 2018, rising to 95% around mid-2019
  • The commitment will be rolled out across all regions and export markets with a target of 100% of volumes covered by end 2020