Greece is the eighteenth biggest beer market in the European Union, with around 83% of the market, or 3.15 million litres of beer, packaged in cans and bottles each year.

  • The labelling of ingredients on pre-pack beer containers is mandatory in national law, meaning that 100% of Greek beers are already fully compliant with regard to the ingredient requirements.
  • Meanwhile since the launch of The Brewers of Europe’s 2015 commitment, now 80% of Greek beer volumes, or around 2.5 million litres of beer brewed annually, are also carrying the energy values, per 100ml, in kilojoules and kilocalories.
  • Within the Hellenic Association of Brewers there are currently thirteen microbreweries and the plan is to further roll out the commitment in 2020, in addition to the information that is already provided online by a number of the beer companies.
  • In addition to the Hellenic Association signing the MoU and Brewers’ Ambition, Athenian Brewery, Olympic Brewery and Santorini brewing company are also signing up directly now.