The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the EU’s ninth biggest beer market by consumption but its fifth biggest by production due to a very significant export market for Dutch brewed beer.

  • Brewers in the Netherlands find it important that beer consumers are fully informed about a beer when they decide to buy one.
  • That’s the reason why in 2014 the members of the Dutch Brewers Association proactively decided to voluntarily declare the ingredients and nutrition information on their packaging. It was one of the first national beer associations in Europe to do so.
  • The Dutch Brewers Association actively encourages brewers to provide the information on their labels and each year the progress of the voluntary commitment is monitored by the Dutch Brewers Association.
  • In 2018 the nutrition information was available on 91% of the beers sold in the Netherlands and the ingredient declaration was declared on 99% of the beers. Those numbers continue to grow.