Spain is the third largest beer market in the European Union. Even though nearly two thirds of beer consumption in Spain takes place in the horeca on-trade sector, over 70% of the beer consumed in Spain is from bottles and cans.

  • As a responsible sector with nothing to hide with regard to its ingredients, Cerveceros de España members therefore committed in October 2015 to include on the label the nutritional information related to the energy value and the list of ingredients.
  • Furthermore, European Polls show that consumers want to be informed, and the beer sector cannot ignore its consumers.
  • Nutrition information is being indicated per 100 ml, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 1169/2011. In addition to the energy information on the label, the complete nutrition information is being provided on-line through a direct link on the product label to an off-label platform.
  • Cerveceros de España is supporting the new brewers by sharing tools produced by The Brewers of Europe and helping to fund laboratory analysis.
  • Today, 99% of the volume of beer that is produced and marketed in Spain by the members of Cerveceros de España follows the commitment, with this representing around 80% of the beer consumed in Spain.